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Painting, Drawing & 3D Sculpture

 5-10 years



Term 1 - 2020





5-10 years

Dates:  10th Feb - 30th March

Total Duration: 8 weeks


Monday's 3.30 - 5pm


This includes all materials




We begin our 2020 classes by introducing the fundamentals of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture.


With practical demonstrations, weekly activities, fun challenges and artist features, exploring observational drawing, line, shape and form, tonal value, positive and negative space, perspective, composition and colour theory using a range of media.  Artworks are produced using a range of media including, but not limited to pencil, charcoal, pastel, acrylic, watercolour and clay.


This is a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills, gain creative confidence and make friends in a fun and relaxed environment.  Students are each given a visual diary to draw and capture creative thoughts and are encouraged to explore and share ideas, be guided by their imagination and inspirations.


All materials provided.


(Please wear clothes suitable for painting and drawing)