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Santa's Workshop - The Art of Giving


Santa's Workshop 1 day only!
Date:  Friday 20th December
Time:  9am - 3pm
Cost:  $60
For children 5 - 13 yrs
Please bring a packed lunch as you would for school.
We have 3 tutors and a maximum of 10 children per tutor for this programme.  Book now so you don't miss out!  



Dates:  27 - 31 January

Total Duration:  1 week

9am - 3pm

$60 per day

For children 5-13 years


Please bring a packed lunch as you would for school.  

We have 3 tutors and a maximum of 10 children per tutor for this programme.  Book now so you don't miss out!  

A message from a happy parent

"Hi Rosenda and Pip,  I just wanted to say a huge thank you for offering Izzy this holiday programme to stretch her artist wings.  Izzy previously resented going to other holiday programmes, but this was the exact opposite each morning she was full of excitement and anticipation at what wonderful activities lay ahead that day.  She enjoyed the day so much she didn't want to leave early on the last day.  I think this says a lot about you two as teachers, the wonderful imaginations you have and the amazing space you provide for these children".


April 2018

Santa's Workshop is a place for your child to come and celebrate all things festive and feel great making and creating gifts for loved ones.


From 9am - 3pm your child/ren will have the opportunity to make gifts for their friends and family.


Let's make and bake edible gifts, design gift wrap and gift tags, create Christmas decorations and more!


Book now, one day only!

January 2020 - School Holiday Programme


The Art Room are excited to open for one week of the school holiday's.  You will see that each day has a set theme.  We love coming up with arty crafty ideas for each day.  Your child is welcome to sign up for every day or you can select which day/s excite your child the most.  


Monday 27th January - Summer Beach Fun

Create an edible beach scene.  Paint a beach seascape and embellish with shells.  Learn how to draw an Oil Resist Sea Creature.


Tuesday 28th January - Adorable Animal Day

Mould an animal from plasticine, design and create a Pet House Diorama.  Paint a cute animal - piglets, puppies, kittens, bunnies, elephants and more!


Wednesday 29th January - Sparkly Frozen 2 

Jump Start your creativity and make a Frozen chandelier, some super sparkly glittery artworks and create a marshmallow Olaf.  Let's finish the day with an ice block!


Thursday 30th January - WOW Extravaganza

Let’s reuse and repurpose materials, spending the day creating 

wearable art for our first ever WOW TAR Challenge.  Finish the

day with a strut on the catwalk.


Friday 31st - The Wonderful World of David Walliams 

Mixed Media creations inspired by world famous author David Walliams.   Use your imagination to create The World's Worst Teacher.  Spend the afternoon with some edible art by designing and eating Ratburgers!