Daytime Painters


Daytime Painters
Dates:  07/05 - 18/06
Total Duration: 7 weeks
Tuesday's: 10 - 11.30am
Total Cost : $140
(Introductory Special)

These sessions will allow you to experiment with different techniques, tools and mixed media so you can recreate the image to your unique style.   There will be no structure to these classes as everyone will be working on their own piece in their own style.


Rachael Hay your tutor will be there to facilitate and guide you through your painting (to offer advice or hints on different methods to use in your work).  


Daytime painting is about experimentation and exploration of the creative process of producing a painting.  Please bring in a picture of what you would like to recreate to the first session.


The main aim Rachael wants you to take away from this class is to have FUN and enjoy the process of creating.

The Art Room will provide an easel, brushes and acrylic paints.  If you choose to use water colours you are are welcome to bring your own. Please also bring your own paper, canvas or chosen surface to work with.  This enables you to achieve the finish you want and keep the course costs to an absolute minimum.  We do have wet strength cartridge in most sizes and you are welcome to use this too.

As this is the first time we are running this session we have an introductory offer of only $140 for a 7 week course.  Only 12 places available.


"This world is but a canvas to our imagination"- Henry David Thoreau

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